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Housetronix – Marrakesh

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EP, Exclusive Release

The Russian producers Alik Leto and Quality Cat of Housetronix make their debut on Sweatbox Records with an absolute powerhouse. ‘Marrakech’ is an evocation of oriental lands and a journey through the epic musicality of Morocco. The strings in the song are a rendition of the traditional Moroccan gimbri and they flow effortlessly though the driving energy and the oasis-like breaks. A driving journey through a hot dry desert, and the stillness of the dunes. The buildup of the track marks the trip trough the scorching sun towards finding the magic city. Then there is the silent reach out with all the tiredness building up. The riffs are the very long-awaited gust of wind rippling through the little pond. After the journey ends it all returns to stillness. Absolute brilliance, a timeless track that just commenced its journey of all-time classics.

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