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Raff Track – Micro Spelling

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Raff Track

Micro Spelling


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Micro Spelling – Sweatbox Records’ first EP features the Marseille-hailing and Bali based artist Raff Track. His minimalistic approach interlaced with ambient elements combine beautifully with an understated yet powerful groove into 3 tracks- each corresponding to a moment of a day in paradise.

The first track of the EP RodsOvre has a soft touch of rawness. Just like the first beam of sunshine – whilst it features a powerful baseline , the echoing and phasing added to the warmth of the synths and the relentless riffs rippling throughout the track reminisces of a melancholic Bali morning, unfolding , letting go, gripping the rhythms and lifting the mood in an the epic, storytelling finish.

The uplifted mood is maintained in the second track- Rhedaff. The pace is picked up, the story line intensifies and whilst the minimal elements confer it an understated power, the dynamic however changes, allowing the sounds to unfold on a blank canvas. The dramatic build up and the tension combine in a smooth progression. The layers of playfulness and the ever present synth line conclude the track by leaving the listener to want more.

Dipress, the third and last track of the ‘Micro Spelling’ EP concludes the paradisiac day and offers closure in the form of a crisp groove, clean snares and the inclusion of a mesmerizing vocal loop. Unlike the dynamic mood of Rhedaff, Dipress symbolically marks and end of a day.


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